Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mason Fortner Mathes has arrived!

Our little guy or shall I say our big guy has come! He was born on January 3, 2014 at 10:36 pm. He was 9 pounds & 21" long. He's a cutie & a sweetie pie! I'll post more details later but we are all doing well. 

We might have a thumb sucker on our hands! 

This is the best I have on my phone of EG meeting him. I have more on the real camera. Will post those later. She's been really cute, sweet & funny with him. 

Ellie Grace has been well taken care of by Mia, Grandaddy & Nina. So thankful for all of them! 

Mason isn't the only one being swaddled these days. 

Sporting her new outfit from Nina & her bed head. 

We love this little guy and are thankful! 

Let me just add a word about my husband, he's been so helpful & does anything I need him to. He's a great husband & dad. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Baby Update

I thought I'd do a baby update since my due date of December 24th has come and gone and so one day when I'm old I'll remember what happened. My prayers to make it through Christmas were affirmatively answered. I'm very thankful for that. I do however feel like I'm ready to pop. I had a doctor's appointment on December 26 and I am scheduled to be induced on Friday, January 3rd, which is one week from today. Based on the way I'm feeling, it's hard for me to believe he won't come before then but I don't really know anything. I don't feel bad it's just hard to move and keep up with Ellie Grace. I'm still feeling very anxious about his arrival and how life will be with two children. You could say this picture sums up how I think Ellie Grace is going to do with the transition. :) 

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 has come and gone and it was a great time. I did a horrible job of documenting as usual. I didn't get hardly any pictures of extended family and surely didn't get pictures of all her gifts but it's better than nothing I guess. 

waiting to open gifts at Nina's
she got this cute chef's outfit from Nina
she got this cool scooter from Nina too
she really liked wearing the helmet or "helmen" as she calls it
JoJo reading to Ellie Grace, Piper and Bella
she loves her umbrella from Mia & Grandaddy 
enjoying Bella's new kindle with her
trying out Piper's goggles that came with her science kit
Then on Thursday the Christmas decor came down. We wanted to get it done in case Mason came. I didn't get any pictures of her helping decorate the tree so I got some of her helping undecorate the tree. She loved it because she was allowed to touch what had been forbidden for so long.

saying goodbye to the train


Here's what we've been up to lately. 

taking advantage of the warm weather a few weeks ago

Josh has been at it again. Well, really he never stopped, I just haven't blogged about it. Anywho, he made us a new cabinet for over our toilet. 

the cabinet we had for 8 years

the new pallet cabinet

lots o' storage

Ellie Grace is in love with Doc McStuffins right now and I'm okay with that because it is a very cute show. So her favorite thing to do lately is get a check up or to give you or her toys a check up. Here she is getting a check up from Mia & Grandaddy. 

sporting a cute Christmas dress made by BeeBee for one of her girls last year

we had Hannah & Bella over one day while BeeBee took Piper to the doctor

more of Josh's handiwork in Mason's room, a football made of pallet wood

a breakfast picnic with Daddy

whatever it takes to get food in that girl these days

putting golf tees in a foam pad, the idea was to put the tees in the foam and then balance marbles on the tees, she wasn't feeling it but she enjoyed dropping the tees in an empty milk jug

more of Josh's handiwork in Mason's room, Colossians 3:20 if you can't tell

watching a show while I paint her toenails, one of her favorite pasttimes

testing out Mason's baby swing

taking a nap on the stairs with her swaddled doggy

I love our tree

riding lessons inside since it was so cold, she's almost got the peddling down,
steering needs some work

you can barely tell in this picture but Josh is very intense 

Josh did pallet wood crown molding in our kitchen

ready for her Christmas party at MDO

Okay, if you are getting sick of seeing things Josh has made, I do apologize but I must document his talents. This is a picture frame he made. We are going to do progressive ultrasound pictures of each of our children and then the fourth spot will be a picture of them out of the womb. I'm pretty excited about it. 

more in Mason's room

Christmas card holder, that's chicken wire in there.
The rest of the year I'll put pictures and artwork in there.

in her Christmas dress that BeeBee made for her this year

Josh has done the most wonderful thing two Saturdays in December. We have a children's museum membership and he has taken her on a CMOM date. She has loved it. The next 3 pics are from those dates.

sometimes when you're washing dishes you get thirsty

Ellie Grace has a book that is the Christmas story and it talks about angry King Herod and this is Ellie Grace's finest King Herod impression. She really is posing like they have him drawn in the book. She's a mess.